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CDC report notes some healthcare workers don’t embrace infection control with H1N1 cases

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention published an early examination of healthcare worker infections from the H1N1 swine flu virus in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Even though the report is just a snapshot of two dozen or so infected healthcare workers, it’s clear [more]

H1N1 pandemic will test your supply chains

Hi, it’s Scott Wallask. I read this passage in today’s Boston Globe about medical supplies to battle H1N1 swine flu:

Some hospitals said shelves usually brimming with surgical masks, used to slow the virus’ transmission, turned barren [more]

With a pandemic underway, watch the southern hemisphere for H1N1 clues

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. My goodness, after all these years I never imagined that the official announcement of a flu pandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO) would be met with such little fanfare. I always figured such a proclamation would result in sirens ringing throughout towns and people hunkering down in their homes.

Nope. To be fair, in practical terms [more]

Symposium coverage: A call to arms with emergency preparedness

From the Las Vegas desert I bring you great tidings of opportunity.

Joe Cappiello’s presentation this morning at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium revolves around a discussion of how we in healthcare can better integrate, cooperate, and thus be able to “respondetate” more effectively with our community partners.

As part of a quick recap of the latest H1N1 developments (basically we’re in a very close monitoring situation), Joe touched on the topic [more]

Dark cloud, silver lining for H1N1

Well, the H1N1 swine flu panic seems to be subsiding somewhat, though I have no doubt that many of you are still managing the worried well to one degree or another (please let us know how you’re doing – shoot me a message on the blog, it’s your community and we want to know you’re keeping the faith).

That said, I have the good fortune this week to be spending some time in the Orlando area and I think there may be a bit of silver lining [more]

At this point, it’s an unfair conclusion to say hospitals aren’t prepared for pandemics

Hi, it’s Scott Wallask, and boy do I feel for all of you putting in long hours because of the swine flu outbreak. A safety director at a hospital system in Columbus, OH, summed it up to me in a few words: “We are swamped.”

It sounds like some hospitals are teetering on the brink of being overrun with patients, many of whom ironically aren’t infected with H1N1 but think they might be. There was a hell of an article in the Los Angeles Times this morning discussing some of these plights.

However, I take issue with one of the overriding themes of the article, that being [more]

Hand gel use may bump up with attention on swine flu

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask again. When you start thinking of potential swine flu outbreaks, it seems natural to consider your inventories of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and medical supplies. However, one substance I didn’t really think too much about in this regard until I read it in an Associated Press story this morning was alcohol-based hand gel.

Hand gel is probably becoming a hot commodity in hospitals during [more]

Relaying patient information to third parties during an emergency

The possibility exists during community emergencies (or potential swine flu outbreaks, hmmmm) that your organization will need to pass along sensitive data about patients to outside entities.

EPs 11 and 12 under Joint Commission standard EM.02.02.01 require that [more]

Swine flu cases grab the attention of emergency planners

Hi, it’s Scott Wallask. For those who haven’t bookmarked it yet, check out the CDC’s web page on the swine flu investigation, as it features the latest recommendations for healthcare facilities.

I was talking to an emergency planner at a Pittsburgh-area health system today about the swine flu situation, and he told me he is holding daily meetings with hospital and community reps from infection control, administration, physicians, corporate communications, human resources, county public health, the local school of public health, and others.