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EM.02.02.07 offers good framework of staff concerns during disaster responses

Every emergency is different from every other emergency, and every moment in every emergency is different from every other moment in an emergency, and each person’s situation is going to be different.

What it comes down to is organizations must strive to provide sufficient comfort for staff members to be able to show up at work and be productive.

It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out [more]

Despite bigger influences, Joint Commission wants emergency prep to stem from staff’s abilities

The surveyor cadre is not particularly knowledgeable about the practical application (and implications, for that matter) of  federal level emergency management activities.

There is a broad-based Joint Commission requirement for organizations to comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations, but even the National Incident Management System and Hospital Incident Command System only truly become “requirements” when [more]

Attend the symposium by convincing your boss

The 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium is just about two months away, and we know that hospital training and travel budgets continue to be tight.

For those of you who want to attend the symposium May 6-7 either in person or virtually via a Webcast, but feel you may get pushback from your boss about the cost, we’ve posted this letter that you can customize that highlights the benefits of our conference. Click symposium attendee letter to download it.

The virtual attendance is a new option this year that we hope some of you will be able to take advantage of. Remember, virtual attendees will have access to all of our session materials and you’ll also be able to ask questions electronically to our experts.

Be cautious about handcuff use, because CMS rules are clear

Handcuffs are a very dicey thing to undertake at this point in hospitals.

The position of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is really one of ensuring that any time handcuffs are used [more]

New this year: Join us online for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium

As we prepare for our 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas on May 6-7, I wanted to mention a new aspect that may interest some of you given the evaporation of hospital training and travel budgets.

For the first time, we will be offering an online virtual option for the symposium in addition to attending in person. Virtual attendees will be able to log on the days of the seminar and view a live simulcast, complete with presentation materials, over their computer’s Web browser.

We hope this new option will allow more of you to join us for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium, whether it’s with us in Vegas or through cyberspace. Early-bird registration, which saves you $100 off the full registration price, is available until March 5.

Looking at discipline polices for hospital safety violations

In talking to my colleagues here at HCPro about discipline policies for employees who disregard safety regulations, I would not be inclined to establish [more]

Advice about what types of holiday decorations to allow

When it comes to what exactly you can use for holiday decorations, beyond the very strict prohibition of combustible decorations that have not been treated for flame-retardancy, the Life Safety Code is nothing but various shades of gray.

It’s like that famous Supreme Court definition of pornography: You know it when you see it.

If you’re having trouble determining what types of decoration are allowable, my best advice would be to [more]

Keep your safety manuals universal and to-the-point

A quick thought about safety manuals, taken from my book, The Hospital Safety Director’s Handbook, Fourth Edition:

To be considered useful, your safety manual needs to strike a balance between the availability of information and [more]

Try a free sample of our customizable paper patients

After months of development, we’re happy to announce our new Emergency Preparedness Solutions series, which we think you’ll like.

The highlight for me, because it’s something I’ve wanted to see us publish for a long time, is a collection of 80 paper patients that are customizable to your hospital’s drill or triage efforts. [more]

CDC revisions continue to recommend N95 use, but acknowledge supply shortages

The CDC issued revised interim guidelines yesterday to protect healthcare workers from the H1N1 swine flu virus.

The biggest news is that the CDC continues to recommend that healthcare workers wear N95 respirators when [more]