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How goeth your respirator fit-testing?

While it does appear that a bullet was dodged when the supremacy of the N-95 respirators in regards to managing staff exposures to H1N1 wasn’t quite roundly validated, the thought did occur to me that [more]

California recalls N95 respirators for poor fit-tests

In a development from California that bears watching elsewhere, the state’s OSHA agency has recalled a stockpile of 3M 8000 N95 respirators issued to healthcare workers.

The state says poor fit-testing is to blame for the recall. You can learn more about this situation from our sister blog, OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

Thoughts about securing medications delivered via a tube system

A plant ops director asked me recently about medications delivered by a tube system and handled in the following scenarios:

  • Allowed to remain sitting in a tube station in the nursing area
  • Placed in an open basket behind the nursing station
  • Put in the possession of the unit team leader

There is no clear method for managing medications delivered to patient units via the tube system. The overarching national regulatory standards in this regard do not [more]

Solid bottoms on supply carts? Judge it with a risk assessment

I was chatting with a safety professional who asked about wire carts needing a solid bottom shelf.

This is one of those best practice solutions that is derived from local (and sometimes state) public health codes. Where this comes up during Joint Commission surveys is infection control standard IC.02.02.01, EP 4, which calls for [more]

OSHA’s big messages with new H1N1 compliance directive

Just a quick note that OSHA today posted a compliance directive that helps guide inspectors as they visit hospitals treating potential or confirmed H1N1 swine flu patients.

I think there are two broad messages to take out of the compliance directive: [more]

OSHA raises the stakes in the N95 respirator debate

The October 20 edition of our free sister e-newsletter, OSHA Healthcare Connection, has generated a fair amount of what I like to think of as consternation.

At this point, I think most folks are familiar with the CDC coming down squarely on the side of N95 respirators versus surgical masks for use as personal protective equipment during our little H1N1 event.

I’ve heard from some folks [more]

CDC revisions continue to recommend N95 use, but acknowledge supply shortages

The CDC issued revised interim guidelines yesterday to protect healthcare workers from the H1N1 swine flu virus.

The biggest news is that the CDC continues to recommend that healthcare workers wear N95 respirators when [more]

Evaluating your emergency management inventory process

Joint Commission standard EM.03.01.01, EP 3 requires an annual review of your emergency management inventory process.

This is where you look back at exercises and real events and see [more]

Properly secured medical gas cylinders center on convenience — that’s all

I’m told there was a mention at the ASHE conference that The Joint Commission might introduce a compressed medical gas cylinder standard in 2011.

And what wonders would result from a compressed gas storage standard? Oh yes, that’ll force [more]

H1N1 pandemic will test your supply chains

Hi, it’s Scott Wallask. I read this passage in today’s Boston Globe about medical supplies to battle H1N1 swine flu:

Some hospitals said shelves usually brimming with surgical masks, used to slow the virus’ transmission, turned barren [more]