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CDC report notes some healthcare workers don’t embrace infection control with H1N1 cases

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention published an early examination of healthcare worker infections from the H1N1 swine flu virus in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Even though the report is just a snapshot of two dozen or so infected healthcare workers, it’s clear [more]

Defibrillators are life support equipment, says The Joint Commission

If this ever-changing world in which we live in has got you down, you’ll be pleased to note that once again, a succulent pearl of wisdom has issued forth from The Joint Commission: What is the meaning of life (support equipment).

For some reason it appears that there has been much consternation and controversy over [more]

It’s up to you to determine when to conduct medical equipment safety checks

As far as Joint Commission standards that address the frequency of electrical safety checks for medical devices, you will have difficulty finding any — because there are none.

The Joint Commission, under environment of care standard [more]

iPods and pacemaker interference – and how many downloaded songs does Mac have?

I did a quick Google search of “pacemakers and iPods,” and while there was some chatter back in 2007 that iPods could interfere with pacemakers, a great deal of effort was expended during 2008 in debunking that urban legend.

To me, the idea of iPod interference made absolutely no sense as the iPod’s output is very limited and the digital signal is transmitted directly to the earphones. There were a couple of articles that indicated [more]

National refrigerator temperature standard? Nope

There is no specific, nationally recognized or enforced requirement to monitor the temperature of refrigerators. There are some state and local restrictions, but that’s all.

The requirement is that each organization will appropriately manage the temperature of all applicable food/medication storage devices, period, end of story.

Wag the magnet: An MRI cleaning tale

There appears to be an outbreak (small pun intended) of chatter regarding the cleanliness of the MRI environment, including equipment. And now that The Joint Commission has weighed in, so to speak, I figured it might be worth a thought or two.

First off, having spent a fair amount of time in my healthcare life working in environmental services [more]

I’m talking blog at our Hospital Safety Center Symposium

Exhalation, exultation — we are but a mere two months away from HCPro’s 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium (it’s May 14-15 in Las Vegas), where I’ll be helming a session that focuses on, of all things, this very blog (which, in and of itself, considers all things).

My good friend and partner in rhyme, Scott Wallask, and I have been exhaustively reviewing posts from the past year or so that have generated more than a modicum of interest, either [more]

Ahh, the fact and fiction about blanket warmer temperatures

The idea of blanket warmer temperatures is a fairly simple proposition that has swelled in importance far beyond its likely impact on patient care. This is partially because of some data-driven recommendations, but also because of certain assumptions made by The Joint Commission’s surveyor cadre.

There’s no nationally recognized standard for blanket warmer temperatures, which leaves it all to you to appropriately manage said temps. So that’s the assumption piece. You can fill in your own humorous aside relative to the merits and results of assuming.

Where things get a little more complicated [more]