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And so the end is near…

While I generally try to stay away from too much in the way of personal notes, I would like to beg your indulgence for a few moments to recognize the changing of the palace guard at Mac’s Safety Space.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Wallask for almost a decade and he has finally decided to grow up and see [more]

Blanket warmers and other tales of the temperature wars + a free tool

At this point, it appears that the concern with the management of blanket warmer temperatures still represents a stumbling block for some folks (folks who, I might add, have spent a fair amount of time trolling the Web, periodically stumbling on this not-quite-so-noble blog in search of guidance).

One of my frequently employed aphorisms is that everyone gets to make their own way in the world, and the issue of blanket warmers is a shining example of [more]

Learn the latest strategies for ED violence prevention at our symposium

Anyone who’s ever seen healthcare security expert Fred Roll speak knows he packs his discussions with details and examples, so we’re bound to have a lively discussion about ED violence when Roll appears at our 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium May 6-7.

Roll will look at how to better prepare the ED for workplace violence and pandemic surges. When developing this session, we thought it made sense to focus on one of the most problem-prone areas of the hospital when it comes to security concerns, so attendees will walk away with specific ideas to bring back to their EDs.

You still have plenty of time to join us live in Las Vegas for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium. If eduation budgets remain tight at your facility, you can also participate virtually via a live Webcast of the event.

I encourage you to check out our full agenda and speakers for this exciting program, and whether it’s in person or on the Web, I’m looking forward to meeting many of you.

4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium will focus on Joint Commission hot spots

Having already worked on things behind the scenes for several months, I’m very excited to announce that the 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium takes place May 6-7 in Las Vegas.

The symposium is the leading conference for hospital safety professionals, and as always we’ve got a packed agenda in just a day-and-a-half, making this a convenient event to attend with minimal time away from your facility or office.

This year we’re focusing on Joint Commission hot spots in the environment of care, emergency management, and life safety. On that latter point, one of our kickoff sessions at the symposium will dissect a CMS Life Safety Code survey, straight from a state authority having jurisdiction.

We’ll talk more about the Hospital Safety Center Symposium in the coming months, and I hope you’ll check out the full agenda and speaker bios.

Ultimate fighting star’s alleged assaults reinforce the danger of healthcare work

The subject of workplace violence in hospitals rose out of the weeds again yesterday with word that a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star had been arrested for allegedly assaulting three nurses at a hospital in Nevada on Tuesday.

Fighter Junie Browning, who was fired by UFC following his arrest, originally went to St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s [more]

Symposium coverage: Talking life safety with your boss

As we get ready to close out the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, Brad Keyes of The Greeley Company took attendees through a whirlwind of life safety compliance tips.

One idea that seemed particularly relevant these days: [more]

Symposium coverage: All different and all the same – the dichotomy of the safety community

Howdy folks.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas, especially my esteemed colleagues and presenters: Dean Samet, Joe Cappiello, Marge McFarlane, and my Greeley cohort, Brad Keyes. Your presentations were illuminating and everything one could expect — props to all of you. We are all the better [more]

Symposium coverage: Using near misses to your advantage

Marge McFarlane, owner of Superior Performance Consulting in Eau Claire, WI, is discussing environment of care education with attendees at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas this morning.

A great opportunity for eduation is [more]

Symposium coverage: Inoperable generators and resulting threats to life

Greetings from Las Vegas! Earlier today at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, former Joint Commission environment of care guru (and current man of the people) Dean Samet of Smith, Seckman, Reid covered changes in the way that hospitals are scored during surveys.

As a subset of this discussion, Dean was covering some examples of what might result in a finding of immediate threat to health (and safety), including a scenario of an emergency generator [more]

Symposium coverage: A call to arms with emergency preparedness

From the Las Vegas desert I bring you great tidings of opportunity.

Joe Cappiello’s presentation this morning at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium revolves around a discussion of how we in healthcare can better integrate, cooperate, and thus be able to “respondetate” more effectively with our community partners.

As part of a quick recap of the latest H1N1 developments (basically we’re in a very close monitoring situation), Joe touched on the topic [more]