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Curiously, the EC standards aren’t mentioned in the new Sentinel Event Alert

I saw that The Joint Commission published a new Sentinel Event Alert about preventing technology-related errors.
In reviewing the Alert, The Joint Commission takes some pains to identify standards and performance elements that already exist in this regard, but they don’t mention EC.02.04.01, EP 1, which states the “hospital solicits input from individuals who operate and service equipment when it selects and acquires medical equipment.”
Now, in the Alert, one of the issues that could result in a threat to care and patient safety is when clinicians and other staff are not included in the planning process. To be honest, my first thought was that they were mostly going after medical equipment, though it does appear that this Alert is more aimed at information management and technology improvements.
That said, there is certainly a practical application to this Alert relative to the coordination of medical equipment and peripheral technologies, especially as devices and technology become more and more inextricably linked.
Not that you would ever encounter a surveyor that expanded upon the printed scope of a Sentinel Event Alert into unexpected waters, but if we consider the advice contained in the Alert as best practices, there may be a tacit obligation from the EC end to at least consider some of the identified risks.
After all, it’s not about doing what someone tells us to do, it is about using any available resource to ensure that we are maintaining our care environments in a risk-free, or at least risk-neutral, manner. Can anyone say risk assessment? Sure you can! I suspect I’ll be talking about risk assessments during my session at our 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in May.

Today only: Save $200 on our Hospital Safety Center Symposium registration

Hi everyone, it’s Scott Wallask checking in today.

Those of us here at HCPro have been working hard on the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, which takes place May 14-15 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

We’ve posted the show’s full agenda here, and don’t forget to also check out the bios of our faculty/speakers.

My boss just asked me to make an offer for those of you who like to be “early” early birds: If you write back to me today, I can knock off $200 from the listed $895 price tag to attend (so you’ll pay $695 instead). This is a great offer for those of you who want to attend, as it’s 100 bucks less than our listed early-bird rate.

So if you’re interested in saving $200, e-mail me today…Scott W.

Joint Commission and DNV to speak at our Vegas program

Hi everyone, it’s Scott Wallask
I just wanted to give you all an exciting update about of 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium.
My colleagues at HCPro’s Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals, who are holding a conference at the same time as the Hospital Safety Center Symposium, have confirmed that speakers from The Joint Commission, DNV Healthcare, and the AOA’s Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program will all speak at the show. All attendees to the Hospital Safety Center Symposium will be invited to the accreditation session.
The symposium takes place May 14-15 in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, and early-bird registration is available now. Please join us if you haven’t already signed up.