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With a pandemic underway, watch the southern hemisphere for H1N1 clues

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. My goodness, after all these years I never imagined that the official announcement of a flu pandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO) would be met with such little fanfare. I always figured such a proclamation would result in sirens ringing throughout towns and people hunkering down in their homes.

Nope. To be fair, in practical terms [more]

Symposium coverage: Talking life safety with your boss

As we get ready to close out the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, Brad Keyes of The Greeley Company took attendees through a whirlwind of life safety compliance tips.

One idea that seemed particularly relevant these days: [more]

Symposium coverage: All different and all the same – the dichotomy of the safety community

Howdy folks.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas, especially my esteemed colleagues and presenters: Dean Samet, Joe Cappiello, Marge McFarlane, and my Greeley cohort, Brad Keyes. Your presentations were illuminating and everything one could expect — props to all of you. We are all the better [more]

Symposium coverage: Using near misses to your advantage

Marge McFarlane, owner of Superior Performance Consulting in Eau Claire, WI, is discussing environment of care education with attendees at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas this morning.

A great opportunity for eduation is [more]

Symposium coverage: Inoperable generators and resulting threats to life

Greetings from Las Vegas! Earlier today at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, former Joint Commission environment of care guru (and current man of the people) Dean Samet of Smith, Seckman, Reid covered changes in the way that hospitals are scored during surveys.

As a subset of this discussion, Dean was covering some examples of what might result in a finding of immediate threat to health (and safety), including a scenario of an emergency generator [more]

Symposium coverage: A call to arms with emergency preparedness

From the Las Vegas desert I bring you great tidings of opportunity.

Joe Cappiello’s presentation this morning at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium revolves around a discussion of how we in healthcare can better integrate, cooperate, and thus be able to “respondetate” more effectively with our community partners.

As part of a quick recap of the latest H1N1 developments (basically we’re in a very close monitoring situation), Joe touched on the topic [more]

Symposium coverage: Give a wide embrace to EM.01.01.01

Think beyond just police and fire departments when you consider collaborating with community partners, said Joseph Cappiello, chair of Cappiello & Associates in Elmhurst, IL, who spoke at the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium today.

Joint Commission emergency management standard EM.01.01.01 requires the hospital to engage with community partners in developing the medical facility’s hazard vulnerabilty analysis (HVA). Be sure to include your vendors in that discussion because they are appropriate parties to help you determine HVA results, Cappiello said.

Hospital Safety Center Symposium now underway with Dean Samet

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask logging in from the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium, which just opened this morning at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Dean Samet, director of regulatory compliance services for Smith Seckman Reid in Nashville, is at the podium discussing The Joint Commission’s [more]

Attention symposium attendees: Pre-registration begins Wednesday evening

Hi everyone, it’s Scott Wallask checking in. I’d like to encourage those of you attending the 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas this week to consider pre-registration on Wednesday evening in advance of Thursday morning’s opening session.

Our pre-registration takes place from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the conference center at Caesars Palace. The time you save on Thursday morning could mean some extra sleep, an early chance to catch up on e-mails, or a few added moments to wait in line for your favorite cup of coffee.

By the way, the Hospital Safety Center Symposium sessions take place in the Pisa/Palermo rooms of the conference center.

Life safety sessions at the Hospital Safety Center Symposium are timely considering Joint Commission data

Hey, it’s Scott Wallask, and I almost can’t believe we’re in the single digits on our Hospital Safety Center countdown clock as we close in on next week’s 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium. I’ve been watching that countdown tick away since last year.

Given that The Joint Commission’s former EC.5.20 (which required compliance with the Life Safety Code and has since splintered into the life safety standards) was the top cited standard in hospitals in the first half of 2008, I have to think Brad Keyes’ two life safety sessions at the symposium will have the full attention of attendees.  I hope to see you at the symposium.