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A cup of coffee, a sandwich, and…the boss!

If you’ve not yet procured a copy of the November 2011 issue of The Joint Commission Perspectives, I would encourage you to do so. There is a very interesting article that focuses on a strategy for establishing more effective communication between the folks charged with managing the physical environment (that would be you) and hospital leadership.  Now I think this is a pretty cool idea, but I couldn’t say with any degree of certainty how widespread a success it might be as there are a number of variables involved (and that’s not counting personalities). That said, it’s certainly a strategy worth pursuing, if it doesn’t pursue you first.


And so the end is near…

While I generally try to stay away from too much in the way of personal notes, I would like to beg your indulgence for a few moments to recognize the changing of the palace guard at Mac’s Safety Space.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Wallask for almost a decade and he has finally decided to grow up and see [more]

Blanket warmers and other tales of the temperature wars + a free tool

At this point, it appears that the concern with the management of blanket warmer temperatures still represents a stumbling block for some folks (folks who, I might add, have spent a fair amount of time trolling the Web, periodically stumbling on this not-quite-so-noble blog in search of guidance).

One of my frequently employed aphorisms is that everyone gets to make their own way in the world, and the issue of blanket warmers is a shining example of [more]

Learn the latest strategies for ED violence prevention at our symposium

Anyone who’s ever seen healthcare security expert Fred Roll speak knows he packs his discussions with details and examples, so we’re bound to have a lively discussion about ED violence when Roll appears at our 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium May 6-7.

Roll will look at how to better prepare the ED for workplace violence and pandemic surges. When developing this session, we thought it made sense to focus on one of the most problem-prone areas of the hospital when it comes to security concerns, so attendees will walk away with specific ideas to bring back to their EDs.

You still have plenty of time to join us live in Las Vegas for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium. If eduation budgets remain tight at your facility, you can also participate virtually via a live Webcast of the event.

I encourage you to check out our full agenda and speakers for this exciting program, and whether it’s in person or on the Web, I’m looking forward to meeting many of you.

Perform ILSM assessments even for minor route disruptions

I heard from a hospital a while back that was bringing in new MRI equipment nears its ED entrance. A question came up about whether the organization could stop people from entering [more]

Attend the symposium by convincing your boss

The 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium is just about two months away, and we know that hospital training and travel budgets continue to be tight.

For those of you who want to attend the symposium May 6-7 either in person or virtually via a Webcast, but feel you may get pushback from your boss about the cost, we’ve posted this letter that you can customize that highlights the benefits of our conference. Click symposium attendee letter to download it.

The virtual attendance is a new option this year that we hope some of you will be able to take advantage of. Remember, virtual attendees will have access to all of our session materials and you’ll also be able to ask questions electronically to our experts.

New this year: Join us online for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium

As we prepare for our 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium in Las Vegas on May 6-7, I wanted to mention a new aspect that may interest some of you given the evaporation of hospital training and travel budgets.

For the first time, we will be offering an online virtual option for the symposium in addition to attending in person. Virtual attendees will be able to log on the days of the seminar and view a live simulcast, complete with presentation materials, over their computer’s Web browser.

We hope this new option will allow more of you to join us for the Hospital Safety Center Symposium, whether it’s with us in Vegas or through cyberspace. Early-bird registration, which saves you $100 off the full registration price, is available until March 5.

4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium will focus on Joint Commission hot spots

Having already worked on things behind the scenes for several months, I’m very excited to announce that the 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium takes place May 6-7 in Las Vegas.

The symposium is the leading conference for hospital safety professionals, and as always we’ve got a packed agenda in just a day-and-a-half, making this a convenient event to attend with minimal time away from your facility or office.

This year we’re focusing on Joint Commission hot spots in the environment of care, emergency management, and life safety. On that latter point, one of our kickoff sessions at the symposium will dissect a CMS Life Safety Code survey, straight from a state authority having jurisdiction.

We’ll talk more about the Hospital Safety Center Symposium in the coming months, and I hope you’ll check out the full agenda and speaker bios.

How leadership interacts with egress corridor storage

In my experience, I’m not sure that I could tie leadership directly to the problem of wheeled items parked in egress corridors.

However, it would certainly not be a stretch for a citation under [more]

Exit signs in mechanical rooms? It depends …

I was asked recently whether exit signs are required in mechanical rooms, as a hospital had received a citation from a Joint Commission surveyor concerning this matter.

There is no specific requirement in the Life Safety Code for mechanical spaces to have exit signs. Moving on to The Joint Commission’s standards, [more]