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Some thoughts about The Joint Commission’s new EPs

Regarding these new EPs The Joint Commission released this week, I’d say fortunately, at least on the EC side of things, this is all stuff that is already (or should already be) in place by any organization that can be surveyed directly under the Conditions of Participation (COPs).

For instance, the expansion of consideration of radiation as a hazardous materials under EC.02.02.01 is a direct reflection of section 482.53(c) under the physical environment section of the COPs.


Joint Commission suddenly releases more new EPs for 2009

Hi everyone, it’s Scott Wallask.

In an about-turn from what it said throughout 2008, The Joint Commission has released a slew of new elements of performance (EPs) that were not previously in the accreditor’s 2009 standards. And how’s this: The EPs went into effect January 1, but were just released January 5. Surveyors won’t score the new EPs until July 1, 2009, though, and it’s possible further changes are coming.

And to be fair, the new requirements seem minor or things many of you are already doing.