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OSHA raises the stakes in the N95 respirator debate

The October 20 edition of our free sister e-newsletter, OSHA Healthcare Connection, has generated a fair amount of what I like to think of as consternation.

At this point, I think most folks are familiar with the CDC coming down squarely on the side of N95 respirators versus surgical masks for use as personal protective equipment during our little H1N1 event.

I’ve heard from some folks [more]

Nuclear medicine admixing and USP 797 implications

During client work at one organization, I heard that nuclear medicine folks were doing some admixing of nuke med preparations. A question was raised as to whether there would be a need for USP 797 compliance.

Some of you may remember the rage several years back [more]

Hurry up and wait for The Joint Commission at the 39-month mark

There’s been a lot of discussion (almost reaching the level of consternation, I dare say) in various forums about The Joint Commission’s survey schedule for this year, and it does appear that visits from our esteemed Chicago friends are in many instances sliding past the triennial survey anniversaries (and not even a card!).

The reasons for this are likely [more]

From ASHE: The ‘E’ in RACE is debated

The ASHE conference in Anaheim, CA, is in full swing now. I was at an interesting session this morning where the speaker said it’s time for the E in RACE to get away from “extinguish,” particularly with nurses.

Money spent on training nurses on extinguisher use would be better spent on intalling better sprinkler protection or smoke detection, said Frank Van Overmeiren, president of FP&C Consultants in Indianpolis. More updates later.

Walking free and clear into a locked behavioral unit

I couldn’t help but think of all the security officers out there when I heard a story from a friend over the weekend who went to visit a patient at a locked behavioral unit in a suburban hospital.

As my friend approached the unit, someone coming out of it held open the door for her, so [more]

PI ’til you’re PO’d

One of the more common pushbacks I hear relative to my suggestions for improving policies, procedures, etc., is, “We’ve been doing it like this for (insert time frame here) and it’s never been a problem.”

From a safety professional standpoint, I cannot tell you how disheartening it can be to hear that. I have yet to find an organization that does not [more]

Testing the bounds of your lockdown arrangements

One of my clients has an access control system that covers all of exterior doors and several interior doors. Security can use an emergency shutdown button if the facility needed to be locked down.

This approach is absolutely [more]

BREAKING NEWS: FAA intends to publish new medical flight regulation

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. At a Congressional subcommittee hearing today, an official from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) testified before lawmakers that the agency will begin drafting a new rulemaking for hospital EMS flights.

The FAA hopes to have a draft of the rulemaking available for comment by [more]

Hostage situations aren’t just on the high seas

Hi folks, it’s Scott Wallask online today. The hostage-taking by Somali pirates that played out over the weekend made me harken back to March 2002, when a man took his girlfriend and infant son hostage at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, FL. It was one of the few times I can recall covering a legitimate hostage situation in a medical center.

One interesting point that the safety manager at the time noted to me [more]

Use our sample letter to get to the Hospital Safety Center Symposium

dear-bossHi folks, it’s Scott Wallask. Since last fall, I’ve been working on pulling together the various pieces of our 3rd Annual Hospital Safety Symposium May 14-15 in Las Vegas, so I’m eager to have all of you attend the show.

I know hospital training and travel budgets are hurting these days, yet I truly believe our symposium has an important line-up with great speakers, all packed into a day-and-a-half agenda. I’ve attached a letter that may help convince your boss to let you come the symposium [more]