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I get (EVS) week at the knees…

Those of you who’ve followed this space for a while know that my first “life” in healthcare was working in various positions in what we now call Environmental Services (used to be Housekeeping and/or Building Services where I “grew up” in healthcare). So, in the spirit of “once a housekeeper, always a housekeeper,” I entreat you to join me in recognizing some of the folks in the trenches as we celebrate Environmental Services and Housekeeping Week from September 8-14. My stance has been that it is nigh on impossible to appropriately prevent infection if the environment is not properly maintained—and that process goal is frequently in the hands of the EVS folks. As with any frontline position, there are challenges galore (it takes a lot of diligence and pride to have to clean up after folks—I did it for a long time and truth be told, I still pick up stuff off the floor, etc.), so I think it an excellent opportunity to let these folks know how important they are in the management of the physical environment. And I will add my own thanks to the folks who wash the floors, clean the toilets, pick up the trash, and a myriad other tasks that, if left undone, would result in a much less tidy experience for our patients and our colleagues. Hip, hip, hooray!

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