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California Children’s hospital fined for safety violations

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) fined Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland on February 22 for failing to offer policies and controls follow a violent, unsafe situation.

The safety violations were related to two separate incidents that occurred in the facility. In July, a homeless man took an employee hostage with a gun in the emergency room , while in October, a victim with a gunshot wound was left at the hospital entrance rather than the emergency room entrance, leaving nurses feeling unsafe, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The total cost for the citations is $10,350 and hospital officials plan to appeal. Officials blame unresolved union negotiations for the citations.

Is the hospital right to appeal the violations? Let us know in our comment section.

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Erica Jordan About the Author: Erica is an Editorial Assistant and manages Infection Control Weekly Monitor and Hospital Safety Connection. She also blogs weekly for Stressed Out Nurses and Patient Safety.

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  1. The unions haven’t been seen in a very good light lately. I’m sure the hospital would do everything they could to protect their employees, yet the unions see this as an opportunity to demand that OSHA address this issue. With the unions supported by this administration, I think we can expect to see more of this type of abuse. Hopefully, the states that are trying to limit union control will succeed in their efforts. This will benefit of everyone in the long run.

  2. I might point out that it is because of Unions that workplaces are as safe as they are. If you would like to go back to working 16 hours days with no benefits, working in unsafe conditions for minimum wage, then you are welcome to it. People have forgotten who raised our standard of living and that would be the Unions. Without the Unions standing up for working people we would be no better off than China’s workers. Big business and corporations do not care about workers; they only care about their profits.

  3. There’s no question that unions have done some great things for workers!! Absolutely true. The problem is that today unions are “big business” themselves and more often than not no longer look out for the very worker they claim to represent. Too often they lose sight of reality, and choke off the very lifeblood of the worker, obfuscating reality for the power sought by “union leader” greed. Yes, there’s greed in the ranks of “union management” who today are looking out for themselves. It’s a cancer that most people don’t realize is present. I believe a great number of employers are more enlightened today than in the 20’s and 30’s when unionization had its greatest impact. They realize that treating people well has a financial benefit to the bottom line. This is why unionization has had a rapid decline – union leaders have not evolved their thinking to leverage this new thinking. Often what people lose sight of is that the benefits negotiated during prosperous times need to be scaled back during non-prosperous times, and that labor and management working together are needed to help organizations survive tough times. Everyone needs to sacrifice something during hard times and when union leaders use extortion on employers to get what they want, they hurt the very members who blindly believe that they are being led by union leaders they believe care for them. I completely understand why the hospital might appeal. Besides, you can’t possibly believe that the headlines you cite are necessarily what really happened, do you?!! For sure there’s more to this story.

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