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Healthcare provider uses technology to keep criminals away

Face recognition software is being used by a healthcare system to scan visitors entering the facility to detect whether they are “safe” or “dangerous.”

Atlantic Healthcare serves northern New Jersey and metropolitan New York and it instituted the technology to keep its staff and patients safe. Some of its buildings have 50 or 60 doors through which people can access the building, meaning the hospital chose to rely on technology because it simply does not have enough security guards, reports Security Director News.

Face recognition software has been installed in the emergency department that identifies high-risk people contained within the hospital database. Hospital staff upload photos of people who pique their interest so they’ll be alerted if these people enter the facility. The hospital is also able to identify whether a person has a criminal history by paying a monthly fee to access this information.

How does your facility keep out dangerous people? Let us know in our comment section.

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Erica Jordan About the Author: Erica is an Editorial Assistant and manages Infection Control Weekly Monitor and Hospital Safety Connection. She also blogs weekly for Stressed Out Nurses and Patient Safety.

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