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Security concerns raised at California mental hospital after a nurse was murdered

Napa (CA) State Hospital workers are worried about the hospital’s security policies after a nurse was murdered by a patient on October 23.

According to KGO-TV in San Francisco, Napa State is a prison hospital for the mentally ill. Nurse Donna Gross was killed in the forensics unit of the hospital, which holds the most violent and criminally insane patients. She was murdered by patient Jess Massey.

Since her death, other workers have questioned the safety of the hospital. KGO-TV reported that the hospital allows some of the patients to walk around at their own leisure. One worker even said that something like this was bound to happen soon.

Complaints had been filed frequently by workers who admitted to being afraid to care for some of the patients. One staff member told KGO-TV that workers have been strangled, randomly assaulted, and cornered into rooms. Police and hospital management were aware of patients threatening staff, but were not warned about it.

ABClocal reported in a different article that Napa State Hospital had been investigated four years ago after security concerns rose from hospital staff. The same security concerns were brought up; no officers stationed at certain points of the building, lack of hospital police officers, and the wards were not patrolled well enough.

At this time, the hospital is in the process of trying to be reviewed periodically to avoid safety concerns in the future.

How do you think the hospital should handle a situation like this? What types of security procedures does your healthcare facility have if a situation like this happened? Let us know in our comment section.

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