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And so the end is near…

While I generally try to stay away from too much in the way of personal notes, I would like to beg your indulgence for a few moments to recognize the changing of the palace guard at Mac’s Safety Space.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Wallask for almost a decade and he has finally decided to grow up and see what other opportunities await him in that great big world out there. Scott’s professionalism, knowledge, and humor have been an endless source of support, inspiration, and all-round cheesy good fun and I, for one, shall miss him a great deal. He is as responsible for the growth of this blog (if not more so) than anyone, myself included.

While he never worked in hospitals or indeed ever been engaged in day-to-day safety operations, I can only recognize Scott as a peer, a very good sport, and a consummate (as opposed to consomme, though he does have a certain fondness for soup) advocate for hospital safety professionals. His will be very big shoes to fill, but I have every confidence that (cue: drum roll) Mr. Evan Sweeney will ably continue the management of my, at times, wild-eyed logorrhea.

And so to my good friend Scott W., I wish you every success and reward as you move on to other things. (There are things other than safety? Who would have thought?) Mayhaps you’ll see fit to weigh in from time to time and let us all know what’s going on.

And to all things Sweeney — I welcome Evan S. into the safety fold. Let’s keep the safety fires burning bright!

Le roi est mort, vivre le roi! (I think I got that right…)

Hope to see many of you in Vegas next week at the 4th Annual Hospital Safety Center Symposium (you can still register virtually if you’re not coming out to Vegas). Evan will be there too, so don’t be afraid to say howdy!

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Steve MacArthur About the Author: Steve MacArthur is a safety consultant with The Greeley Company in Danvers, Mass. He brings more than 30 years of healthcare management and consulting experience to his work with hospitals, physician offices, and ambulatory care facilities across the country. He is the author of HCPro's Hospital Safety Director's Handbook and is contributing editor for Briefings on Hospital Safety. Contact Steve at stevemacsafetyspace@gmail.com.

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  1. Steve I have a question. I work for a healthcare system consisting of three main hospitals (2 are Level 1 Trauma) with non-healthcare and ambulatory healthcare locations making up approx. 9 million square feet with 12,000 employees. We are attempting to justify a 4th safety professional and woudl like to know how many safety personnel other systems our size have on staff. Thank you

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