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Questions raised at one hospital about adequate PPE supplies

Hi everyone, it’s Scott Wallask. My colleagues over at OSHA Healthcare Advisor blogged this week about a hospital that was butting heads with some employees regarding personal protective equipment.

The workers don’t believe the hospital has supplied enough PPE, which raises the question of what would happen to the absentee rate at this facility if a pandemic occurred. The hospital disagrees with the employees’ contention. It’s a though provoking blog post.

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Scott Wallask About the Author: Scott Wallask is senior managing editor for HCPro's Hospital Safety Center (www.hospitalsafetycenter.com) and the award-winning newsletters, Briefings on Hospital Safety and Healthcare Life Safety Compliance. He has written about healthcare for HCPro since 1998, with a focus on occupational and building safety, emergency management, fire protection, and infection control. Prior to joining HCPro, he worked as a reporter for several newspapers in eastern Massachusetts. He holds a BA in print journalism, magna cum laude, from Northeastern University in Boston. Contact Scott at swallask@hcpro.com.

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  1. When I proposed in a patient safety meeting we shoot for 1 million masks, I got some interesting reactions. I gave a tenative math problem to them about using masks x times a day per nurse, cna, dietary, (everyone) and then added masks to go home with (since I want them to come back well enough to work) and masks for their families (at least to start them off)for a total of 4 weeks. Since we all know about the shortages we experienced this spring, I figure we will be on our own for about 2 months. For 450 employees, for 4 weeks, we figured we would need about 59,000 masks. That put things into perspective. I did not go into other PPE, I was just trying to make them understand the numbers we will have to deal with on a LONG term basis.

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