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Since I am already on the subject of BMPs…

As a final note on the building maintenance program-and I will admit to having a little obsessive-compulsive disorder about this topic- it is important to periodically review your program’s data.

While the 95% compliance rate might seem like a pretty comfortable margin with which to work, it is important in this less-than-perfect world to validate your assumptions. It is more than likely that 90% of your rated doors function appropriately every time. But it’s those other 10% of “trouble” doors that can get you into hot water.

For the “good” 90%, you might be able to get away with an annual inspection frequency (if the data supports that frequency), but those other 10% might need checking more often.

Remember, the goal is 95% at any given moment in time. If you’ve got maintenance challenges, it is imperative that you identify them and take appropriate actions to ensure proper operation of items in question.

Stay safe,
Steve Mac.

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