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Tell us your success stories

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As we are now finished with the first quarter of 2011, we’d like to give you and your staff the opportunity to share your success stories so far this year regarding HIPAA compliance.

Survive a recent audit? Handle a crisis effectively and efficiently?

We’d love to hear about it – and so would your colleagues. Send your stories to Senior Managing Editor Dom Nicastro at dnicastro@hcpro.com. And you could be featured on our HIPAA Update blog or perhaps in this e-newsletter or one of our print newsletters.

Good luck and have a great rest of the year!

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The Sheriff’s Department calls our hospital from time to time asking if a certain person has been in our emergency room. Last week they called and asked if a certain person shows up in the emergency room to call them (the person had not committed a crime). I advised hospital personnel not to give out any patient information…am I wrong?

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Encrypted e-mail

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I have a question regarding HIPAA requirements for encrypted e-mail.  Our organization is considering utilizing encrypted e-mail for our peer review process.  Is there a regulation in HIPAA that registration is required if patient info is being sent out electronically?  If so, who would one register with? One person in our organization had a recollection of this, but I’m uncertain where to locate the information.

Thank you very much for your time,

Maria Conn CPC
Contract and Reimbursement Specialist
Monida Healthcare Network

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Privacy/HIPAA signature

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I had heard that it is now required for EP’s to have Privacy/HIPAA forms signed once a year now, but can’t find the answer.

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Is there a HIPAA policy that addresses the procedure for notification of a breach of PHI to the entity whose PHI was disclosed inadvertently to another patient?

If so where or what is that policy identifier found in the regulations


Gayle Lierd
HIM Interim Director
Kingman Regional Medical Center

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