HIPAA Handbooks

  • Privacy and security training for new and seasoned staff
  • 11 staff/setting focus areas
  • Education on protecting PHI
  • New HITECH Act changes
  • Discounts on bulk purchases



  • Role-based training using real-life case scenarios
  • Test-your-knowledge exercises with remediation
  • Post-course test to document staff participation


Other HIPAA Resources

  • Hot-topic audio conferences
  • Books on privacy and security
  • Newsletters
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Briefings on HIPAA

BOH_79-2008Our 12-page monthly newsletter, Briefings on HIPAA, has been reporting on HIPAA longer than any other publication. While other publishers require you to buy separate subscriptions to get your news, analysis, and training advice, Briefings on HIPAA provides all of these—from lawyers and experts in the field.

Check out the stories in the latest edition of Briefings on HIPAA:

  • The feds are coming
    Hospitals and other healthcare organizations may now be wondering how to respond in a charged-up regulatory environment.
  • Notice of Privacy Practices, HIPAA authorization requirements, inappropriate access
    You’ve got HIPAA compliance questions. We’ve got answers.
  • Backing up your information to move forward
    Mimic Data simplifies the data backup process and significantly shortens recovery time if a server.
  • Encryption: Critical for protecting PHI
    Encrypting a message converts it to a form that only the intended recipient can read.
  • Use this checklist to ensure compliance
    Organizations must take certain steps to help ensure security and resiliency.

Briefings on HIPAA was created exclusively for healthcare professionals who deal with patient confidentiality and data security issues.

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