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Organizations sign up for simulated cyber attacks

[1]More than 750 healthcare organizations recently agreed to participate in CyberRX 2.0, simulated cyber-attacks with HHS and HITRUST, according to a Business Wire announcement. [2]

The no-cost simulated attacks will begin in October and are intended to prepare organizations for actual electronic infiltrations. The first CyberRX exercise was held in April 2014, after which the program was expanded, according to the announcement.

CyberRX 2.0 is tiered program with offerings at the local, regional, and national level. The local tier, scheduled for October through December 2014, involves simulations that an organization can administer itself to gauge cyber-threat readiness. The regional tier is scheduled for January through April 2015 and offers more advanced exercises, as well as the opportunity for organizations to collaborate. The national tier is scheduled for June through July 2015 and offers advanced simulations, as well as the opportunity to assess internal and external readiness, response, and management, according to the HITRUST website. [3]