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Data breach in Utah compromises thousands of Medicaid claims

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The Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) reported March 30 a patient information breach affecting 24,000 Medicare claims.

DTS does not yet know the extent of personal information accessed, but it could include Social Security numbers, birth dates, tax identification numbers, and addresses. DTS believes hackers operating out of Eastern Europe gained accessed to its server, even though it recently moved the records to a server with a multi-layered security system.

DTS has shut down the affected server and is reviewing other servers to implement new security measures. The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) will notify any individual clients whose information has been accessed and will assist with credit monitoring services. The UDOH has advised all Medicaid clients to monitor their credit and bank accounts.

Source: Utah Department of Health

Categories : HIPAA Violations


  1. Linda Joy Adams says:

    Since govt contractors and govt officials are not under the HIPPAA law; little can be done except what is being done voluntarily unless the 24, 000 deci de to file under the False cliams act and the attorneys for these are very few and then there has to be suffficient monetary loss to the taxpayers as a result. I’m not an attorney , just reporting what I’ve been sent by HHS office of Civil rights. And the theft of if and cliams on my records alone relsutled in a $4 million dollar theft. was this Affiliated Computer services? They do most of the Mediaid ntionwide and also hae taken ocontrol of many federal and state agencies and Congress gave them immuity from prosecuiton and investigations and no internal audits are allowed. Sounds as if there has been some cooperation on this. In my case files and monies are missing in 5 agencies and its become a struggle for physcial survival for medical care. Welcome to 2024 when 300 million will be under the ‘ dfederal plan’ in the control of unaccountable govt contractors. Appeals are tossed and never answered, civil rights complaints are also and they are also the traffic cam companie and Student loans in their control. This has been a coup d’etat of USA and other nations who have passed similar laws so that the investors of the Federal reerve are in control of every facet our lives, including health care. Linda Joy Adams

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