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Q&A: Accounting for tumor registry disclosures

Q: We are required to report information, including patient account numbers and diagnosis codes, to our state tumor registry. Must we enter each patient’s name into a database to track these as accountable disclosures?

A: Account numbers reported to the state are considered patient-identifiable information. Therefore, you must include them in an accounting of disclosures in response to patient requests. Entering each disclosure into a database is probably not worth the effort. Most healthcare organizations receive very few requests for accounting, so researching individual cases takes less time than entering every case into a database for tracking.

When patients request an accounting, simply review their records to determine whether diagnoses include those that would have been reported to the state tumor registry.

Editor’s note: Mary D. Brandt, MBA, RHIA, CHE, CHPS, answered this question for the HIPAA Update [1] blog. Advice given is general. Readers should consult professional counsel for specific legal, ethical, or clinical questions.