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My acting debut – and our HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security video!

First things first. I am not sending this clip to Hollywood in hopes that my acting talents as a laptop thief are noticed in time for the making of the Departed 2.

My day job will remain my day job – and that’s to write for HCPro, Inc. and HIPAA Update some HIPAA compliance news, tidbits, tips and now, the latest, a HIPAA training DVD video.

So along with my acting debut, I proudly unveil HCPro, Inc.’s Privacy, Security and You: Protecting Patient Confidentiality Under HIPAA and HITECH, Second Edition. It is the updated version of our best-selling HIPAA training video that covers both privacy and security training.

One of the best ways to train staff is to show them the right and wrong way to do their job. And that’s what our DVD video does.

Check out this clip to see what I mean [1].

If you want more information, go to the video’s page on our marketplace [2].


Dom Nicastro [3]
Senior managing editor
HIPAA Update