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HIPAA/HITECH video: Right way to handle pill bottle disposal

Remember the mistakes that cost Rite Aid Corporation and CVS Caremark Corp. millions for HIPAA violations? Disposing pill bottles in public trash containers without shredding them?

They could have been avoided by simply enforcing HIPAA policies and procedures and providing ongoing staff training, experts say.

There is a right way to avoid a HIPAA violation here – and we show you the way in our new HIPAA/HITECH video.

HCPro, Inc.’s Privacy, Security and You: Protecting Patient Confidentiality Under HIPAA and HITECH, Second Edition is the updated version of our best-selling HIPAA training video that covers both privacy and security training.

Check out this clip about pill bottles [1], one of several case examples included in the video.

The DVD video also covers important HIPAA compliance matters such as:

If you want more information, go to the video’s page on our marketplace [2].


Dom Nicastro
Senior managing editor
HIPAA Update