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Note from Associate Director: What to expect at the ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI


Associate Director Rebecca Hendren

By Rebecca Hendren

Outpatient CDI is a fast-growing area of focus for those working in the field. In a recent member poll, 33% of our audience reported that they either have an outpatient CDI program or they are planning to launch one within the next 12 months. The topic was a hot one at our 10th annual conference in May and many are looking for guidance regarding how to get started in outpatient CDI, including building a program, staffing, and determining return on investment.

Our new, two-day conference coming this September will answer many of these questions and help us kick-off our CDI Week celebrations. The ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI, being held September 18-19 in Oak Brook, Illinois, features presentations from organizations who have already built successful outpatient CDI programs and who will share their experiences in getting started and maintaining a program.


Conference Committee Insights: Getting to the Heart of Accurately Defining Cardiac Ischemic Syndromes

conference committee

Apply by June 20, 2017

By Deidre Barnett, MHCL, BSN, RN, CCDS

Editor’s note: Barnett is a CDI specialist at MedPartners HIM in Tampa, Florida. She was one of the 12 member 2017 Conference Committee. For more information regarding the conference committee and to apply for the 2018 committee, click here.

With CMS piloting the bundled payment for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), CDI efforts in clarifying cardiac conditions is a very hot topic right now so I was glad to attend “Getting to the Heart of Accurately Defining Cardiac Ischemia,” presented by Christopher M. Huff, MD, FACC, and Garry L. Huff, MD, CCS, CCDS. The discussion also ties right in with the recent Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting which call for the assignment of a code Type 2 MI as an NSTEMI without needing this documentation from the provider—we used to have to query.

The father and son Huff team did an excellent job on both sides of the discussion. Review and explanation of the pathophysiology from a cardiologist delved into the nitty gritty of what meets criteria for an AMI. Review of related diagnoses that occur on the spectrum from ischemia, injury, and infarction were covered in detail. The CDI implications were well defined–citing the importance of clinical validation when the criteria are not met but also explaining how the potential query as related to other diagnoses will impact the SOI/ROM.

It’s important to understand that all AMIs should meet certain criteria to be classified as an AMI. Type 2 MI is sometimes difficult to classify since it has a different etiology than the typical Type 1 AMI caused by an embolus (either blood clot or atherosclerotic plaque). There is a spectrum of myocardial injury that rises to the level of infarction when the criteria are met.

Therefore, as CDI specialists, we learned that it’s important to review every record for the AMI criteria and query appropriately for validation (if the criteria do not appear to be met) or inclusion (if the criteria are met and the provider does not document the STEMI/NSTEMI).

It was invaluable to have the pathophysiology reviewed as well as the CDI opportunities addressed in the same presentation.



Note from the Associate Director: Thanks for the memories—see you in Chicago for Outpatient CDI!

By Rebecca Hendren

And just like that, three days of education, network, and frivolity have come to an end. This year’s ACDIS Conference was our biggest and best yet. We were excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary with some extra Vegas sparkle and a chance to reminisce over how ACDIS—and the whole CDI profession—has grown over the last 10 years.

Some of the highlights for me were, as always, meeting so many dedicated CDI professionals and seeing the amazing connections that developed between you all. It warms my heart to see folks pour out of a session and stand chatting in hallways about the information they just learned, or huddle over laptops on the floor as they share best practices.

Thank you to the individuals who participated in the various focus groups held during the conference. The conversations had in those rooms and the perspectives shared will be considered over the next weeks and months and result in process improvements or new product development. A direct result of us coming together for four days of learning.

It wouldn’t be the ACDIS conference without plenty of laughs. Laurie Prescott and Shannon McCall did not disappoint as they reenacted the Family Feud gameshow to teach us the value of interdepartmental communication and not a few solid tips for both new and seasoned CDI professionals. We all had a chuckle at Brian Murphy’s cheesy jokes during the Meet ACDIS session where we discussed all the things ACDIS does and the many benefits of membership.

And all of you made me laugh every day with the good humor with which you tackle such complicated topics that have incredibly important results. ACDIS attendees have the most positive attitudes and can-do spirit of any group of professionals I’ve ever engaged with. It is heartening and inspiring and I know you are all returning to your workplaces with renewed pep and vigor, just like I am.

Finally, I hope to see many of you in Chicago in September for our inaugural ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI. Join us for two days of education and networking dedicated to the fastest growing area of CDI: the outpatient setting. We’ll have two concurrent tracks with diverse sessions for both leaders/managers and clinical chart reviewers, including how to get started in the ambulatory setting, query techniques and nuances, metrics and analytics, staffing training, and demonstrating return on investment.

We hope you join us for two days of actionable strategies and unparalleled networking. All with the distinct ACDIS flair that you know and love!

Editor’s note: Hendren is the Associate Director of Product Development and Membership for ACDIS. Contact her at




Conference Corner: Thanks to our exhibitors and sponsors

ACDIS would like to take a few moments to recognize and thank all our sponsors and exhibitors of the 2017 10th annual ACDIS conference. Every year, our sponsors and exhibitors help us make the conference memorable. Thank you for helping us make the 10th annual conference the best yet!

The following is a comprehensive list of all our sponsors:

  • Title sponsor: MedPartners
  • Diamond sponsors: Optum360 (also sponsor of the 10th anniversary photo booth), Enjoin, TrustHCS, UASI
  • Platinum sponsors: 3M, Iodine, Sound Physicians Advisory Services
  • Conference specific sponsors: ChartWise, tote bag sponsor; Elsevier, welcome reception sponsor; HCTec, water bottle sponsor, The Claro Group, app sponsor; Harmony Healthcare, door cling sponsor

The following is a comprehensive list of all our exhibitors (in alphabetical order):

ACDIS Lee Health
Administrative Consulting Service (ACS) Libman Education
Addison Group M*Modal
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Managed Resources Inc.
Altegra Health Solutions Maxim Healthcare Services
American Medical Association MedeAnalytics
BRG Healthcare nThrive
Brundage Medical Group Nuance
Caban Resources Ovation Healthcare Technology
CDI Search Group Oxford Healthcare Technology
CDIMD-ePreOP Peak Health Solutions
Chartwise Medical Systems, Inc. Pinson & Tang
ClinIntell, Inc. RecordsOne, LLC
ComforceHealth Saince, Inc.
Dolbey SCL Health
e4 SoftScript Transcription
Elite Medical Staffing Sound Physicians
ezDI Inc. Streamline Health Solutions
Feel Good Inc. Tenet Healthcare
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions Universal Coding Solutions
H3.Group Vincari
HCTec VitalWare
Huron Consulting Washington & West, LLC

Conference Corner: ACDIS honors achievement award winners at annual conference

ACDIS honored the nation’s top CDI professionals at its 10th annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 10, including:

  • Nicole Kosiba, RN, BSN, CDI specialist at Advocate Health Care – Illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago, with the Rookie of the Year award


    Nicole Kosiba, RN, BSN

  • Nicole Fox, MD, MPH, FACS, CPE, medical director of CDI and of pediatric trauma at Cooper University Health System in Camden, New Jersey, with the Excellence in Provider Engagement award


    Nicole Fox, MD, MPH, FACS, CPE

  • Fran Jurcak, MSN, RN, CCDS, director of clinical innovations at Iodine Software in Austin, Texas, with the Recognition of CDI Professional Achievement award


    Fran Jurcak, MSN, RN, CCDS

  • Rita Fields, BSN, RN, CCDS, regional CDI manager at Baptist Health in Louisville, Kentucky, with the 2017 CDI Professional of the Year award


    Rita Fields, BSN, RN, CCDS

ACDIS Director Brian Murphy presented the four awards in the morning’s general session to kick off the 10th annual conference. The awards were presented in front of an audience of more than 2,000 of the winner’s peers.

The Rookie of the Year award (a 2016 addition) recognizes the rapid growth of the CDI profession by awarding an outstanding CDI professional on the job less than two years at the time of nomination. The Excellence in Provider Engagement award (a 2016 addition) recognizes a professional who has made measurable impacts engaging providers (physicians, nurses, and others) in the need for accurate and complete documentation in the health record. The Recognition of CDI Professional Achievement award recognizes a professional who has made outstanding achievements within his or her facility, and the CDI Professional of the Year award is ACDIS’ top honor, given to a CDI professional who has made significant contributions within his or her organization and to the broader CDI community.

“We had a very impressive pool of candidates this year. The 2017 Conference Committee had some difficult decisions to make. But in the end they selected four winners who exemplify all the qualities that make for great CDI professionals—the initiative to step outside their comfort zones and advance the profession, the ability to lead others and lead by example, the willingness to work as part of a team with HIM/coding professionals, physicians, and others, and above all a passion for what they do and the CDI profession as a whole,” says ACDIS Director Brian Murphy.

“The hardest thing was that each of the nominees had done such tremendous work in their own respect, but there could only be one winner for each category. […] Just to be on that nominee list, you must have done something wonderful, but I’m very, very confident that people will agree with our choices. The work the winners have done has been stellar, to say the least,” says Faisal Hussain, MD, a member of the 2017 Conference Committee.

“It was really difficult, but I think the process went pretty smoothly. All of the nominees were excellent. It’s very difficult to choose because you hate to have to say no to anyone when they’re all so close to the top of the list. It was great to see the number of nominations, though. The people who supported the nominees put in so much work to do that!” adds Jeanne O’Connor, RN, MS, CCDS, another member of the 2017 Conference Committee.

To read more about the ACDIS Achievement Awards criteria, award descriptions, and selection process, click here.

Conference Corner: How to use the new ACDIS bookstore booth

Those who’ve attended multiple conferences may recall the previous ACDIS bookstore booth as a pretty hectic place, both for the attendees and the staff involved. With those memories in mind, the ACDIS team worked to redesign the booth for this year’s conference.

The booth has three distinct areas: one for browsing and asking questions, one for purchasing your books, and one to demo our e-learning courses and chat with our sales staff. This layout will streamline the experience of shopping at the booth for everyone involved.

Please take a few moments to review the following steps to ensure you know how the booth setup works.

  1. First, head over to the tables at the booth to browse the book and product selections. ACDIS team members will be present to answer any questions you might have.

    step 1

    Step 1: Choose your books

  1. After you’ve selected which books to purchase, head over to the checkout area. Once there, tell the staff member which book(s) you’d like. They’ll retrieve them from the bookshelves and you can pay right there.

    step 2

    Step 2: Make your purchase

  1. To demo a CDI e-learning course or chat with one of our sales reps, head on over to the final area of the booth.

    step 3

    Step 3: Chat with a sales rep and demo our e-learning

If you have any questions about the booth setup while at the conference, head on over. The staff is happy to help walk you through the process.


Note from the Director: ACDIS conference turns 10


ACDIS Director Brian Murphy

By Brian D. Murphy

Wow, ACDIS is turning 10. Sometimes I still find it hard to wrap my head around that fact.

We’ve managed to accomplish a lot in our first decade, growing from little more than an idea in 2006, to launch in October 2007, to more than 5,400 members nationwide.

What am I most proud of? That we’ve brought so many people together. That’s what we do. Here is just a sample:

  • 40 local chapters under the banner of ACDIS
  • Thousands on our membership conference calls and ACDIS Radio
  • Thousands more in the classrooms of our boot camps
  • And tens of thousands of CDI specialists from around the country, here at our national conference

That’s what ACDIS is all about—fellowship, networking, and learning from each other. The plan is, 10 years from now we’ll still be bringing people together. Because in the end, that is what CDI is all about. It’s the ultimate team sport. What do I mean by that?

Patient registration, up front, doing their job so the process of review can begin.

All the efforts of the query go nowhere without an HIM/coding professional applying the code which he or she believes is supported by the documentation.

All those efforts go for naught without billing professionals submitting the claim on the back end.

And of course, CDI is completely hamstrung without an engaged physician willing to put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. Or just to listen.

It’s a team, all working together, to move an object that can seem very heavy.

And CDI is the tie that binds all this together. CDI is the glue, the jet fuel that makes this engine run. How many more clichés can I spout? You get the idea. Every day you accomplish amazing things in your pursuit of the integrity of the medical record.

CDI specialists move that heavy object every day, meeting regulatory burdens head-on and marrying administrative codes to clinical practice.

And I like to think we at ACDIS have played a part, taking a turn and shouldering some of the burden right alongside you.

So, thank you for 10 years of ACDIS.

For 10 years of crossing the country to come to our conferences, 10 years of learning from us while we learn from you.

For 10 years of memories, and many fond meetings.

Team ACDIS is looking forward to the next 10!


Conference Corner: Getting from place-to-place in Las Vegas

The 10th annual ACDIS conference starts this week. To help you prepare for your travel to Las Vegas, we’ve put together a few transportation options from McCarran International Airport to the MGM Grand Hotel, the location of the conference. While ACDIS does not provide attendees with transportation to and from the conference, we did want to provide a resource to help you find the options in one place.

Taxi and car services

The MGM Grand is actually only a little more than two miles away from the airport itself. There are five different taxi cab services from the airport to hotels in Vegas, some of which are cash only. It’s recommended that passengers ask prior to getting into the cab whether or not they accept credit cards. There is also a $2.00 additional charge on all taxi fares originating at the airport.

The taxis are available outside Terminals 1 and 3 and at the Rent-A-Car Center at the airport. For more information regarding the taxi services provided from McCarran airport, click here.

In addition to the taxicabs, there are four different limousine car services operating out of the airport if you want to travel in a bit more luxury for those two miles. For information on this option, click here.

The MGM Grand also has a town car service through Executive Transportation. For more information about the hotel’s service, click here.

Airport shuttles

While the hotel does not provide a free shuttle to guests, there are a number of affordable options for airport shuttles.

The first option is through Executive Transportation, working with the MGM Grand. A one way-ticket to or from the airport on this shuttle is $7.00 per person. To make a reservation from the airport, contact Executive Transportation at 702-646-4661 or To make a reservation back to the airport at the end of the conference, simply see the MGM Grand Concierge.

BellTrans Charter Shuttle also operates between the airport and the MGM Grand. Each shuttle holds up to 24 passengers and makes three to five stops at various hotels. Their rates are $14-$17, round trip, depending on the hotel destination. To book a spot, visit their website by clicking here.

SuperShuttle also offers an airport shuttle to any destination on the Vegas Strip. If you’re traveling in a group, you can book transportation at a group price. To make a reservation, contact them at 800-258-3826. For information about group transportation, click here.

Ride Share

Uber and Lyft ride sharing also provide service to and from McCarran airport. Like the taxi services, the ride share vehicle operate out of Terminals 1 and 3. To make a reservation, download either app to your smart phone and request a ride. For more information about Uber, click here. For more information about Lyft, click here.

The MGM Grand also offers a discount for guests who choose Uber. By using the promo cod “MGMGRAND2,” you’ll get your first ride (up to $20) for free.


For those of you who live locally or are driving from the airport, make sure to use the address 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.

The McCarran Rent-A-Car center is located at 7135 Gilespie Street. An airport shuttle bus departs approximately every five minutes from Terminal 3 to the rental center. Due to road construction, the shuttle bus takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the rental center.


Hourly self-parking rates at the hotel are as follows:

  • 1-2 hours: $7
  • 2-4 hours: $10
  • 4-24 hours: $12
  • Over 24 hours: $12 per additional day or fraction thereof

Hourly valet parking rates at the hotel are as follows:

  • 0-4 hours: $15
  • 4-24 hours: $20
  • Over 24 hours: $20 per additional day or fraction thereof

Editor’s note: For additional transportation from the airport and around Las Vegas, please visit the MGM Grand Hotel’s website.

Conference Corner: ACDIS office closed for the 10th annual conference

office closure

ACDIS office closed May 8-12

The annual ACDIS conference will be the blowout CDI event of the year, as always, but with a special flair for the 10th anniversary festivities. Because of the size and reach of the conference, all the ACDIS staff needs to devote their full attention on the conference. This means the ACDIS office will be closed starting on May 8 and reopening on May 12.

While the ACDIS team will be busy in Las Vegas making the conference as memorable and helpful as possible for the attendees, customer service remains open for questions. Please contact Customer Service at or call 800-650-6787 for any of the following concerns:

  • Requests for a receipt
  • Assistance with your username and/or password
  • Questions about ACDIS website access
  • Inquiries about your ACDIS membership expiration date

Should you have other questions, the ACDIS team will do their best to answer promptly upon returning to the office on May 12.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas!


Conference Corner: ACDIS app comes back


The App is back!

Much like The Cat in the Hat, the ACDIS app comes back. While the title of this post may sound like a new-fangled Dr. Seuss book, we are, in all serious, very excited about welcoming the ACDIS Conference App back for the 10th annual ACDIS conference.

Attendees should have received an email with your login information and download instructions. Check your spam filters and hospital firewalls. Please note that if you downloaded last year’s App, you need to update the App to access the 2017 version. This post is meant to overview some of the App features, for those of you who are new to the App, as well as an introduction to some new tools.

A couple years ago, ACDIS went green If you want paper materials, you need to print them out on your own, prior to leaving the office for the conference. To print the materials, use the download link included in your welcome letter.

All PowerPoint presentations, speaker bio, daily agendas, and other important information is also located in the ACDIS App.

The conference App will be your lifeline for all things ACDIS 2017. There are dedicated icons (located along the bottom of your screen) for the following items:

  • Home newsfeed: Feel free to post pictures, tag other attendees, or include your location. Use the App to check into sessions and to share any take-home tips from a given speaker in a particular session.
  • Notifications: Anytime someone follow you, messages you, tags you, or you win a raffle, you’ll get a notification. We’ll also send you reminders with general conference information. Be sure to “allow notifications” from the ACDIS App so you don’t miss out.
  • Agenda: This tab houses a complete agenda for the event. You can personalize it, adding sessions you wish to attend, making it easy to keep track of your schedule. By clicking on the session, you will be brought to a page with a brief description of the topic and speaker. Here you can access the slides before, during, and after the conference right from your phone. (Note: Materials will open within the App for iPhone users. For Android users, the materials will download to your phone and can be accessed through your phone’s downloads folder.)
  • App sponsor, The Claro Group: Here you can find a special message from our App sponsor. We’re very grateful for their sponsorship!

The App menu

There’s also a number of features in the menu section of the App. To access these features, go to the “more” icon along the bottom of the screen and scroll through the various categories, including:

  • Discussion groups: New this year, the discussion groups function much like the popular ACDIS Forum. You simply click on the topic section you’d like to join and click the “Join Channel” button on the bottom of the screen. These are dedicated areas to share information with other attendees and get some input from new friends you meet at the conference.
  • Exhibitors: This tab features an alphabetic list of all our exhibitors and information about each one. To find one in the exhibit hall, simply click on the name and then click the booth number. This will open the interactive exhibit hall map and help you navigate to the booth.
  • Raffle winners: Unlike previous years, we’ll announce the vendor raffle winners through the App. If your name is drawn, you will get a notification during a session break in the App about what you won and where to pick it up. The winners will also be listed in the “raffle winners” section.
  • Conference details: This section includes all the logistical information about the conference you need to know. For instance, this section includes continuing education credit information, location, parking, suggested attire, and WiFi instructions.
  • Maps: This section has a map of the conference center as a whole with track and room numbers, all of which are color coded.
  • Sponsors: Similar to the exhibitor section, this section features a list of all our sponsors and information about those companies.
  • Messages: Much like Facebook, this section will be for any private messages you may receive through the App. This can be especially helpful for connecting with old friends.
  • Photo feed: This is where all the photos uploaded to the App will live.
  • Attendees: This tab lets you network with and “follow” one another, much like Twitter (don’t worry, we do not provide any contact information—only your name, credentials, and facility). This allows you to network with all your CDI friends, old and new.

To get started, simply download the App by visiting the Google Play store or the Apple App store and searching ACDIS Conference. (If you downloaded the App last year, make sure to update it within the Google Play or Apple App store to access new features). We will provide a special App-related help desk near the registration area during the conference should you need technical assistance.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, there are a few things you should do:

  • Upload a photo of yourself, if you wish
  • Double check your profile information—your name, title, and facility or company—and edit if needed
  • Link your account to existing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, allowing you to post status updates to multiple accounts at once

Next, play around with the App to familiarize yourself with the agenda and the calendar, make sure you know how to access the slides, and try updating a status or picture (or both).

Remember—this App is intended for professional networking purposes. Please keep all posts and pictures appropriate!

We appreciate your cooperation, and we hope you are as excited as we are. Of course, you may have a few questions or concerns. If you need help we’ll have a special kiosk near the registration desk you can visit onsite, or you can message our App coordinator, Jessica Carbone. You can also call our customer service folks at 800-650-6787 or