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Website Tips: How to favorite an article on the ACDIS website

Re-finding your favorite article can be a difficult task. It doesn’t have to feel like banging your head against a wall, though. If you’re logged into the ACDIS website, you can actually “favorite” articles and access them all from one spot when you want to return to them.

Simply follow the steps and you’ll never lose your favorite article again.

  1. After you find an article you love, locate the star to the left of the article title. Click on the star (it will turn blue when you’ve added it).

step 1

step 2

  1. To access your favorited articles, click on the star next to your account icon (on the far left side of the menu bar) and select “My Content” from the dropdown menu.

step 2 b

  1. Once you’ve followed through step two, you’ll see all your favorited articles in one place. To remove something from your favorites, you simply click on the star icon (the same way you added the article). A small box will pop up saying, “This page has been removed from your favorites.”

Website Tips: Join in on the discussion on ACDIS articles

ACDIS members can join in on the discussion with any articles on the website they find intriguing by using the Discus feature. Just like the ACDIS Forum, this feature allows members to connect, discuss interesting articles, and weigh in on the issues presented.

But, how do members do this? Simply follow the following step-by-step guide for joining the conversation below.

  1. Scroll to the end of the article you want to comment on, past the “More Like This” section, to the section titled “Discussion”

step 1

  1. Write your comment in the chat pod where it says “start the discussion”

step 2

  1. Enter in your name and email address, ensuring your comment is signed and you receive notifications when someone responds to the comment

step 3

  1. Either create a Disqus account using the prompts, log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google, or simply check the box that says “I’d rather post as a guest”

step 4

  1. Click the gray arrow below the sign-in information to post your comment

After posting a comment, the commenter will receive an email when someone responds or posts a comment of their own on the same article.

If you have any questions regarding commenting on ACDIS articles or anything else, please contact ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald at