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CDI Week: Only 11 days till 2017 kick-off

CDI Week committee

Meet the members of the 2017 CDI Week committee!

Every year, facilities across the country celebrate the efforts of their CDI teams for one week in September. Though ACDIS believes CDI professionals deserve accolades throughout the year, CDI Week is a time to pull out all the stops.

This year’s festivities take place September 18-22 and the theme is “The Wild West: New Frontiers for CDI.” Don’t forget to let ACDIS know what you’re planning for this year’s celebration and send plenty of pictures! We’d love to celebrate with you!

One change this year is the incorporation of the CDI Week Committee. As the ACDIS community and activities grow, ACDIS includes more of its members in planning festivities. The 2017 CDI Week Committee members include:

  • Angie Curry (our 2017 CDI Week advisor)
  • Cornelius Delogramtic
  • Nancy Ignatowicz
  • Laurie Morelle
  • Brenda Ng
  • Caryn Nowak
  • Rhonda Peppers
  • Kristie Perry
  • Terry Simmons
  • Rosita Waddell
  • James Wall
  • Leigh Wolff

Be sure to watch for more information about them in the coming weeks. Additionally, following are a few items to expect and some we’ve already posted to help you get excited and plan for your own CDI Week events:

If you have any questions about CDI Week or want to share your plans for the celebration, email ACDIS Editor Linnea Archibald at

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Linnea Archibald About the Author: Linnea Archibald is the CDI editor for the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS). In this role, she helps out with the website, blog, social media, newsletter, and the CDI Journal. If you have any questions, feel free to email her.

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