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Website Tips: How to find out whether your activity qualifies for CCDS CEUs

A few weeks back, CDI Strategies included a column about earning CCDS continuing education credits (CEUs) through your ACDIS membership. But, how can you tell what activity outside of ACDIS qualifies for CEUs?

Outside of ACDIS and HCPro activities covered in last week’s column, here are a few ways to earn CEUs:

  • Complete college courses relevant to healthcare/healthcare management, CDI, or clinical coursework for credit or degrees
  • Present CDI-related topics at seminars/speaking engagements outside of regular work activities (please note that the program must be accredited through the appropriate professional organizations, include a timed agenda, and documentation of program objectives)
  • Submit activities from other organizations that provide education or training in CDI, ICD-10, clinical, coding, documentation improvement activities, or diagnosis/pathophysiology

For any single event from other agencies or organizations, ACDIS will accept up to 10 of the CEUs offered. If the program and certificate of completion specifying that the CEUs are specifically for the CCDS, then ACDIS will accept all the CEUs, even if there are more than 10 offered.

Editor’s note: To see a complete list of places to receive CEUs, click here. To read more about certification, click here.


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