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CDI Week Cartoon Caption Contest

Okay, loyal ACDIS blog readers, it is time for the CDI Week Cartoon Caption Contest. The rules are basically the same as last year. Post your (tasteful and respectful please) suggested captions for the following cartoon and Penny Richards will chose her favorite to win a prize.

What do you think the ‘physician’ in the doorway could possibly be saying to warrant such a response? Post your suggestion for this cartoon’s caption and you could win a prize.

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  1. You want a diagnosis, my patient is sick just look in the computor that’s what we have it for.

  2. “Mrs. Jones? She has a E. coli sepsis due to a UTI with E. coli as the organism responsible. Oh and she got it from an indwelling catheter placed at the nursing home prior to admission…duh.”

  3. I tried to document the type of CHF but I couldn’t find it in the ICD list in the computer so I just wrote on the screen “acute systolic” with a permanent marker. Can you take a “screen shot” and file that with the chart?

  4. “Okay….which one of you wrote this query?”

  5. ‘Is this where I get educated on CDI?’

  6. The cardiology service justs decided that from now on heart failure doesn’t need to be specified. You’re ok with that, right?

  7. Really? I have already answered 10 queries this week clarifying urosepsis.

  8. I think we are all well aware that Dr. Jones is branching out musically in regard to healthcare reform. That being said, I need you to speak to him about his CHF query response. “CHF mos def” will not work.

  9. The fax machine was broken, so I brought this answered Post Discharge Query to your office myself.

  10. Colleen, you get my vote!

  11. Will a POST IT note suffice as an addendum? I have a tee time in 20 minutes…

  12. “I’m just not going to answer any more of these questions about dirty is what it is and that’s that ! “

  13. It’s pretty windy out there and as I crossed the parking lot, all the sticky notes flew off my charts. I stuck them back on but might have a few of them on the wrong charts. The UIT deosn’t go with the fractured arm. The stroke patient isn’t pregnant, and the old guy with the prostate issue isn’t haveing breast reduction surgery. I’m sure you’ll be able to sort them all out.

  14. “Just tell me what you want me to say to answer this query.”

  15. “These hands are for surgery not for documentation!”

  16. “I agree. My handwriting is terrible”.

  17. Why do you guys keep writing these darn queries? It says it plain as day “debridement” was performed. The next time I see another query concerning debridements, you guys are fired!

  18. “Why do you keep giving me these queries on excisional debridement…I took the patient to surgery didn’t I.”

  19. “Why would someone ask a doctor if a pt has acute respiratory failure in an ICU? He had a cardiopulmonary arrest at home and is on a ventilator! This question doesn’t make any sense, of course he has acute respiratory failure!! Can’t you tell that???

  20. “I’m guessing you didn’t tell her ICD-10 was delayed”

  21. “Oh by the way…ICD-10 was pushed back to 2014 but I appreciate your enthusiasm!”

  22. “Good Morning Ladies”
    In honor of CDI week, several physicians and I have grouped together and will be placing “queries” on the charts for you to answer — This thing works both ways you know !!! Happy CDI Week. Oh, Yea, we will be sure to flag the charts for you.”

  23. “Where did you get your medical license”

  24. “Is it going to improve my patient’s care?”

  25. What happened to the typewriters?

  26. Just write what you need and I’ll sign it!

  27. I’m a surgeon and prefer someone else to answer these queries, but if I answer this one, will you “make it all go away”?

  28. I’m missing a specimen cup.

  29. “The gals over in UR said I should come over here to get some good words from you so the lady I am admitting for nursing home placement can be inpatient.”

  30. “I just wanted to tell you CDI girls thank you. I just came from the CFO’s office and she said all my numbers look great this quarter. How about lunch on me!”

  31. I just completed coding and documentation improvement courses on my own time. I now have a thorough understanding of what to document in order for the coders to more accurately capture SOI and ROM on all my patients. Boy, I sure haven’t made that easy on them in the past!

  32. Paraphrased from an actual MD answer: “Can I specify a term? Sure, whatever Obamacare says I have to use.”

  33. Do you think I will not know, that you are the one who wrote this query, by hiding your name? The patient is 99 year old, with ESRD, CVA, chronic osteomyelitis, chronic respiratory failure on ventilator, with PDX cardiac arrest, and you are asking me to clarify the type of anemia that he have??

  34. ” Tell me what you want me to write, all I know is my patient is very sick”. Exact response from MD

  35. “Ms. Smith why are you sending me this query? I don’t know what type of pneumonia this patient has; I’m a Cardiologist, I only deal with the heart.”

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