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New e-learning courses open to ACDIS members

In my spare time, I am a creative writing student at a low residency program. Essentially, that

Not an actual sample of my school work, I assure you.

Not an actual sample.

means I’m taking a correspondence course on how to be a better writer. Every month I mail off a packet of papers. My adviser takes out her colored pens, marks them up, and sends them back. It is a little intimidating. I trust you share my “red pen” fears. But I graduate in January (hooray), and hopefully these writing lessons have made the Blog, e-newsletter, and other publications more enjoyable for you.

Sometimes, however, I catch myself wishing for a simpler way, something more akin to our own ACDIS online learning library. As far as I know though there are no writing CEUs for assistant association directors. But if you happen to be in the market for a convenient way to collect CEUs for coding, case management, or CCDS certifications, ACDIS can help.

Just last week we posted two new e-learning courses: one on hospital acquired conditions and another on present on admission. These new programs join sessions on 2009 IPPS MS-DRG update, understanding and applying the 2009 ICD-9-CM codes, inpatient coding: physician queries, and major complications/comorbidities.

Since I won’t be earning CEUs for writing this blog post, I’ll be jumping online in the coming weeks to tackle the ACDIS e-learning offerings myself. I promise to post my progress to all of you here. Feel free to place your bets now on how I’ll do.

If you’ve taken any of our courses please let us know what you think. ACDIS plans to add roughly four new courses every year and we’d love your feedback about what to concentrate on in 2010.

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Melissa Varnavas About the Author: Melissa Varnavas, is the Associate Director of the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS). ACDIS is a community in which CDI professionals share the latest tested tips, tools, and strategies to implement successful CDI programs and achieve professional growth. With more than 5,000 members, its mission is to bring CDI specialists together. To learn more about ACDIS, go to www.acdis.org or call HCPro customer service at 800-650-6787.

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