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Joint Commission announces field review for med rec

The Joint Commission has announced the field review of its revised medication reconciliation requirement, which it has designated as National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 03.07.01.

The field review comes after The Joint Commission announced it would make the existing medication reconciliation goal (NPSG 8) one with which hospitals had to comply, but about which they would not be surveyed. The 2010 NPSGs contain language about medication reconciliation, but the field has widely expected an announcement about what will become of the goal.

The accreditor had previously said it would update the goal because it had received feedback from the field indicating that hospitals felt the goal was too difficult to implement. Last February, The Joint Commission said it would “evaluate and refine the expectations for accredited organizations.” The field review is the result of this refinement.

The revised goal is designed to work in tandem with other medication management requirements. It requires providers to maintain and communicate accurate information regarding a patient’s medications. Specifically, the goal would require hospitals to:

* obtain medication information from patients at admission

* compare that information with the medications ordered for the patient and identify discrepancies

* communicate to the patient at discharge information about the medications he or she should be taking

* impress upon the patient the importance of managing his or her medications outside of the facility.

The Joint Commission is asking for feedback from the field through May 11, although it would prefer feedback by April 30. The standard will be tested in the field prior to implementation. If you’d like to offer your feedback, and to see the full text of the proposed goal, visit The Joint Commission’s page about the field review.

Do you have any initial reaction to this proposed med rec goal? My sense from the field that any change would be a good one, and this seems to really simplify the goal.

Med rec: feedback from the field

The latest news from The Joint Commission about medication reconciliation has everyone talking. I thought you might be interested in hearing the reactions to yesterday’s announcement. The following will appear in Monday’s Accreditation Connection e-newsletter, but I thought you might enjoy an early look just in time for the weekend:


Will medication reconciliation go the way of the dodo?

An interesting announcement went out to hospital associations and others last night from The Joint Commission discussing the future of medication reconciliation as a National Patient Safety Goal.

As of January 1 (hm, looks like we’re doing a little bit of time traveling again in hospital accreditation land) survey findings for NPSG 8 (the accurate and complete reconciliation of meds)  while still being evaluated during the on-site survey, will not be factored into the facility’s accreditation decision. They’ll not generate Requirements for Improvement either, or appear on the accreditation report. So more FYIs than RFIs.

During the on-site survey the facility will be evalutated on its med rec processes. Surveyors will talk about ways to improve med rec and also gather information on how hospitals are progressing in meeting NPSG 8.

The Joint Commission says it will evaluate med rec throughout the year to find means to improve it for implementation in 2010. All of this seems to acknowledge the ongoing struggle hospitals have had in developing working, effective medication reconciliation processes in the four years since it became an NPSG.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a smart move on the part of The Joint Commission?

Be sure to check back later for further updates. I’ll be following up later on today with additional information.