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Matt Phillion is the director of the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals and a Senior Managing Editor at HCPro, Inc., where he is the editor of the monthly publication Briefings on The Joint Commission.

2009 National Patient Safety Goals released

Just wanted to let you know that The Joint Commission released the 2009 National Patient Safety Goals earlier today on its Web site:

The first link also has a chart identifying which goals have received changes/deletions/additions, and provides a crosswalk to the new numbering system.

Update: Joint Commission to lose "unique" deeming authority?

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to update you on the developing story in last week’s post. Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT), chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, bill containing language to revoke the unique deeming authority status held by The Joint Commission failed to find support on the Senate floor. Meanwhile, a competing Medicare reform bill, introduced by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), has been introduced, containing similar language regarding The Joint Commission’s deeming authority.

Senator Grassley’s proposed Medicare reform package can be found here. A summary of Senator Baucus’ proposed legislation can be found here.

Joint Commission to lose "unique" deeming authority?

Hello, all. Just wanted to update you on a developing story:

Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, announced proposed legislation last week which included language to revoke the unique deeming authority status held by The Joint Commission.


This change would require all accrediting bodies, including The Joint Commission, to apply for hospital deeming status for hospitals—a process The Joint Commission and other accreditors undergo for other organizations and facilities (for example, laboratories and ambulatory centers). The Joint Commission currently does not need to undergo this application process for hospitals.


The Joint Commission issued a statement on Tuesday, June 10, supporting the legislation, while proposing several amendments. The Joint Commission has requested CMS issue “modernized guidelines and procedures for assessing compliance with existing conditions of participation for hospitals,” according to the official statement. The accreditor also requested a two-year period to undergo the application process following the issue of those guidelines and procedures. Finally The Joint Commission suggests that provisions are made to give the Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary the ability to create up-to-date methodology for assessing the performance of accreditors.


A summary of Senator Baucus’ proposed legislation can be found at


Go to for Senator Baucus’ Web site.


Greetings from the desert!

The 2nd Annual AHAP Conference kicked off this morning at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas with a keynote presentation by Ian Morrison, Ph.D, author, consultant, and futurist on the state of healthcare. AHAP attendees then broke off into a general session on medication reconciliation, presented by Molly McDaniel, PharmD. This year’s conference is off to a great start with almost 100 more accreditation professionals in attendance than last year.

During a standing-room-only presentation by Jean S. Clark, RHIA, CSHA, on struggles facing hospitals dealing with IM standards, she discussed shortening lists for “critical” tests results and values, as “even The Joint Commission recommends you have a short list.” Critical test results and values topped the list of 2007’s top compliance issues with an HIM focus.

During a session updating the status of MS.1.20, Kurt Patton, MS, president of Patton Healthcare Consulting, LLC, recommended keeping your eyes open next week for possible updates on MS.1.20-the Joint Commission’s task force met last week, which could indicate new information in the next week.

Other topics covered today included:

Suicide risk assessment

Critical test results

Rapid response systems and anticoagulant therapy

Joint Commission ongoing professional practice evaluation

Check back tomorrow for more updates from AHAP!