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Following heart attack protocol key to saving lives

Every year, 735,000 Americans have a heart attack, with 389,550 of those heart attacks happening inside a hospital. As such, tHeart Attack Rates, 2011-2013reating in-house cardiac arrests (IHCA) is a major priority for healthcare facilities.

Despite this, how often and how strictly healthcare personnel adhere to these guidelines varies from hospital to hospital. A new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association has found that compliance with IHCA protocols ranges from 82.6% to 94.8%, with a median score of 89.7% compliance.

Every 10% increase in a hospital’s process composite performance was associated with a 22% higher chance of survival.  Higher performing hospitals also had more IHCA patients discharged with a favorable neurologic status, with 19.9% better outcomes compared with 17.7% at the lowest performing facilities.

Click here to see the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training Center’s algorithm for basic life support, and advanced cardiac life support.



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About the Author: Brian Ward is an Associate Editor at HCPro working on accreditation, patient safety, and quality news.

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