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Accreditation Q & A

From time to time, we’ll post a question and answer that will help you as you prepare for your next survey.


Each hospital is required to have a formal process to evaluate whether a drug should be added to the formulary. This process should include specific criteria for evaluating each drug. What criteria are utilized in your institution?


Each institution may have a slightly different list. Make sure you have criteria and that it includes at least the following criteria that The Joint Commission recommends be included:

  • Indications for use
  • Effectiveness
  • Interactions with other drugs
  • Potential for error in its use or for abuse of the medication
  • Known adverse drug reactions
  • Any sentinel event information or sentinel event alert information
  • Cost

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Editor’s Note: The above question and answer are from j-Mail 2016 Edition: Tools for Ongoing Joint Commission Survey Prep.

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