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Joint Commission releases new BoosterPak

The Joint Commission has posted the latest in a series of BoosterPaks ™ to assist hospitals with implementation and compliance of Focused Professional Practice Evaluations (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations (OPPE), standards MS.08.01.01 and MS.08.01.03 respectively.

The intent of these challenging standards has always been to move hospitals to a more objective, evidence-based credentialing and privileging process and to ensure ongoing quality care for patients. The BoosterPak works towards these goals by tying CMS Conditions of Participation to these standards, as well as provide implementation tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and advice for survey preparation.

This is the second in what is expected to be an ongoing series of Boosterpaks. For more information, visit The Joint Commission’s website.

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About the Author: Matt Phillion is the director of the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals and a Senior Managing Editor at HCPro, Inc., where he is the editor of the monthly publication Briefings on The Joint Commission.

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