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CMS and surgical errors

We first received reports that CMS would stop paying for wrong procedure, wrong body part, and wrong patient surgical errors back in the fall. Now, CMS has finalized the policies related to these no-pay events. Here’s the latest on this from the upcoming issue of Accreditation Connection. Thought you might like an advance look.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized changes, originally proposed in fall 2008, ending payment for three types of medical errors.

The new policy would prevent payment for surgical errors involving the wrong procedure (surgical or invasive), wrong body part, or wrong patient. The non-payment policy is effective immediately, according to the CMS announcement.

All three of these medical errors have been identified by the National Quality Forum as “Serious Reportable Events.”

The new CMS policies can be found online in the following locations:

Wrong procedure

Wrong part

Wrong patient

Entry Information

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About the Author: Matt Phillion is the director of the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals and a Senior Managing Editor at HCPro, Inc., where he is the editor of the monthly publication Briefings on The Joint Commission.

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