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Congrats to our most recent CSHAs!

Congratulations to Emily Alvarez, Melinda Smith-Vaughn, Amy Boykin, Barbara Meacomes, and Cassie Seiler–our most recent Certified Specialists in Healthcare Accreditation!

The CSHA certification program is still new, and we’ve already had over 50 people take the exam. Congratulations to all who have passed!

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Brian Driscoll About the Author: Brian Driscoll is Director of the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals and Executive Editor of the Accreditation/Patient Safety group at HCPro, Inc.

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  1. could you kindly recommend some resources to help prepare for this exam?. Thanks in advance.

  2. We are going to publish a study guide in early 2009, as well as offer a two-day boot camp in September, October, and November 2009. Stay tuned.

  3. Brian,
    Thanks for your response and happy thanksgiving to you and all AHAP members.

  4. Greetings to all AHAP members,
    I just joined AHAP, and seeking advice from those who completed their certification, the best resource to prepare for the CSHA Exam, is the published “Survey Coordinator Handbook” will be enough?



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